International Industrial Procurement Consultants

We are an association and partnership of product sourcing and development consultants who have jointly 100 years plus experience in developing supply solutions for Fortune 500 companies, which includes finding global suppliers, auditing their capabilities, assigning the right supplier to the most appropriate product, and developing long term supply agreements. Our expertise is particularly in metal products, castings, forgings and machined components including valves, pipeline equipment, metal plate, and preformed sections.

We have an established network of manufacturing, sub-contracting and OEM suppliers around the world that we regularly introduce to other companies looking for low cost high quality supply solutions and Va-aP has been set up to offer this experience, and contact network to small and medium size companies that do not have the resources to travel the world looking for global sources.

What can we do for you? Are you a company looking for lower cost materials, components, or engineered assemblies? Are you competing in a global market place where your competitors are increasingly reducing their product costs? Do you wish you could hook into a network of reliable low cost high quality suppliers that could give you instant bottom line product savings?

If you answered yes to any or all of these Va-aP can help you, we regularly have associates traveling the world developing suppliers and supply chains for companies that increasingly need to reduce their costs, not just to compete with competitors in the domestic market but increasingly with low er coast imports from over seas.

We have an established network of material and product suppliers with whom we have worked for several years and with several clients, our chosen suppliers are all ISO9000 certified, they have all been audited by us, and we do not recommend them until we have at least two successful supply projects to their name.

How we can help you, first of all we’d like to meet you and discuss your particular supply issue, the more we know about your product and your expectations the better we can help and allocate the most suitable supplier to your project. We are not interested in failure, we have built up very strong relationships with our chosen suppliers and we are keen in maintaining those relationships and so we will only recommend a particular supply solution if we can be certain it will work for all parties. Once we clearly understand what you need from us we will put you in contact with the appropriate supplier and we will facilitate the process of getting your product manufactured and supplied from the chosen supplier. We do this by bringing both parties together and then we work with the supplier to ensure that they supply an acceptable product on time and within budget. This includes visits to the supplier, visits to the customer, Va-aP effectively becomes an extension of your procurement process without you the customer having to invest in suitable employees and the costs associated with sending them out to find a supplier.

As we already have an established supply chain with experience of developing products like yours we have already been along the learning curve, we’ve already learned from our mistakes and we can offer a fast and accurate response to your individual company needs. The attached case studies explain in more detail some of our successes, please read them.